Training KnowledgeI’ve been passionately involved in the fitness industry now for over 20 years. In my early days, I trained with both amateur and professional competitive athletes from New Zealand and Australia. I first completed the Personal Trainer qualification in Queensland in 1996. Going on to help countless people work towards and achieve their fitness goals.

Working in other people’s gyms and fitting into their styles and ideas became less and less gratifying so I made the decision to take time off from the Personal Training profession. Whilst on this ‘hiatus’ from PT I continued to learn and evolve in the industry by taking many courses and keeping up my own training. I made the decision to come back to PT as a career once I had my own, fully equipped, private gym to train people in.

I am now happy to offer clients the chance to train with me in a quite, relaxed, uninterrupted environment. All my equipment is state-of-the-art and has been designed closely with physiotherapists and exercise scientists to allow functional exercises using compound movements, which promote both joint and core stability. As a result, I am able to prescribe the safest and most effective exercises available for all my clients which lead to the Best Results being achieved in the quickest possible time.

Since starting my Raw Fitness for Life gym I have rediscovered my passion and get a real buzz helping men, women, boys and girls to improve their health, increase their fitness and maximise their quality of life. I work extremely well with people who are looking to make big changes and who are prepared to do what is required to make this happen.

Personal Trainer KnowledgeI firmly believe it is extremely important that today to be an elite level personal trainer you should not only possess a detailed knowledge of anatomy and exercise physiology and have many years of achieving great results (both personally and for clients), but you should also have a highly motivating and inspirational effect on all your clients. I take great pride from all the amazing results many of my clients have achieved over the years and I’m also extremely proud of the healthy lifestyle I lead and the level of fitness I’ve achieved through years of hard training and proper nutrition. As a consequence, it gives me great satisfaction to see my achievements inspire and motivate each of my clients to reach their own individual health and fitness goals.

I also pride myself on having the ability to bring out the best in all the people I train. So don’t think you need to be an athlete to do personal training with me, most of my clients are everyday people who just want to be fitter, healthier and have more energy.

So If you’re young or not so young, male or female, I can help you reach your true potential.

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