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Having stagnated & plateaued with my own training results despite smashing myself daily in the gym, I decided to engage a personal trainer and this is where I came across Dion.

I just entered “Personal Trainer” into google and as you could imagine hundreds of options came up however what made Raw Fitness For Life stand out from the rest was the fully equipped private training facility & value for money. Most trainers were offering 30 – 45 minute sessions whereas Dion’s sessions are 60 minutes for the same cost (if not cheaper).

I rang Dion and arranged a meeting for the following day. Not long into that meeting I knew I wanted Dion to train me. He listened to everything I had to say whilst adding his own input & experiences and you could just tell his genuine want to help people achieve their goals whether that be fitness, health or confidence etc.

The biggest thing I found from my first training session was that Dion didn’t just train you, he taught you. He explained the reasons why he was using a particular exercise & the benefits from it. This is the biggest thing I took away from my training with him as it set me up & allowed me to continue with my own training outside Raw Fitness For Life from the knowledge I gained from his sessions.

The one thing that he was adamant about & kept pushing me was that I needed to eat more and he really helped me to turn my negative thought pattern of “I want to get lean, therefore I need to eat less” which clearly isn’t the case. He not only told me to eat more but educated me on the why & what foods to eat more of for what I was trying to achieve. His knowledge of not only the weights & exercise aspect but also the food & dietary advice is outstanding.

After only 9 weeks training with Dion, my results speak for themselves:My body fat went from 17.9% to 14.1%,My muscle quality went from 56.3 to 72.4& my weight went from 80.9kg’s to 78.0kg (not that this was of high importance).

The atmosphere at each session was awesome with music cranking and I left every session with the feeling of satisfaction that he pushed me further than I believed I was capable of.

I would highly recommend Dion to anyone wanting to give personal training a go, whether that be a beginner to fitness, a new mum wanting to get back into shape (in the comfort of a private facility) or someone wanting to take their fitness to the next level.Put your trust in him & you will get the results you want.

Cheers for everything mate, I now consider you a friend…….not just my trainer!



  – Anthony Detata

Been going to Dion (Raw Fitness for Life) for 18 weeks.

Since then, Dion has helped me lose 16 kgs.* This has been achievable because of his experience and vast knowledge of nutrition and health.

The gym itself is clean and has all new equipment and he will even personalise a playlist for you to work out to!

Having been to lots of PT’s over the years, this is the first non-confrontational, professional but welcoming gym I have been to. All in a private setting.

It’s refreshing to see a PT practice what he preaches. There’s nothing he’ll make you do that he wouldn’t do himself.

He monitors and reviews my progress and provides feedback on my daily food intake.

I am over the moon with my results so far. The best part is that I can’t ever see myself going back to where I was. Even though I now eat extremely healthy, I absolutely love what I eat.


  – Ben Robson

Hate exercise, but Dion makes it enjoyable! Love processed foods and white carbs? Dion has magical recipes and ideas to make the green stuff taste better! Aside from weight loss, my memory, concentration, stamina and mood have improved dramatically.

I am so grateful and amazed by my results, beyond just my appearance.  Thank you Dion for tailoring a life long and sustainable diet and exercise routine that hey.. if I can do it, anyone can!

And, I can still eat bacon! Thank you


  – Becky Louise Lowe

Been a client with Dion at Raw Fitness for Life for a few months and have noticed great results. Dion’s approach to Health and Fitness motivated me (work full time, young mum) to get back into shape and get back into a healthy lifestyle! Not just weight loss but my shape has changed dramatically!!

With 30 years experience and great amounts of knowledge Dion has taught my partner and me so much about nutrition and life/exercise balance. Through helping out with food apps on our phones to one on one training, we really feel we receive such personalised and energising sessions with him!

On top of all that….. He is very affordable which suits our average income family!


  – Brooke Hazell

I originally decided to see Dion to support my partner in getting fit and healthy. Dion was recommended to us and we thought yep let’s give this a go. Well I would never have imagined I would still be training 6 months on and absolutely loving it.

As I was new to the whole personal training experience I admit I was a bit nervous as I was fairly weak in my strength and my core and never had a personal trainer before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon meeting Dion he quickly relieved me of these fears as he is very approachable and cares a lot about his clients, so from there, we started to plan my goals and look at ways to change my lifestyle habits.

It didn’t take too long before I started noticing that my fitness was increasing noticeably and I started to see improvements in my ability to complete more sit ups/core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I actually look forward to my workouts and most importantly Dion is so focused on ensuring my technique is a 100% spot on each time and Dion really challenges me through each session.

Dion’s gym is fully equipped with everything that you need and more, it’s a totally clean, relaxed, and comfortable and a safe environment to train in and you don’t have to wait your turn to use any of the equipment. Dion’s vast knowledge on body building and all things health and wellbeing are really important in a PT I always walk out having learned something new.

I feel blessed to have met Dion and cannot thank him enough for all his support and encouragement he has given me, I enjoy each and every session, even when I think this is a hard session (he even puts up with my whinging) I always walk out of Raw Fitness for Life feeling amazing and accomplished. So if motivation, professionalism, extensive knowledge plus a personal approach is what you’re looking for in a PT, then Dion is the man for you!


  – Kelly DiSilvio

I could not speak more highly of the training experience I have had with Dion at Raw Fitness for Life. Since training with Dion, I have not only began to achieve my goals by gaining strength and increasing my cardio fitness, but I have also gained confidence in my physical and internal health, and my ability to weight train.

Before training with Dion, I was nervous to train at a gym with personal trainers because I didn’t have much experience with weight training and I was nervous having other people around. But at Raw Fitness for Life, Dion creates a comfortable, non-intimidating environment which makes me eager for every session.

He has extensive knowledge on all types of training as well as nutritional advice that ensures I live an all round healthy lifestyle. Dion is very willing to educate me on each exercise and its benefits, as well as always being open to answering any questions that I have. I have a specialised muscle condition in my shoulder which limits my ability to perform movements which I have sought help from many health professionals for.

It was not until I started training at Raw Fitness for Life that I have started to feel and see a difference with my shoulder and what it is capable of. Dion has a passionate, realistic and dedicated approach to training and adopting a healthy lifestyle. This combined with his extensive knowledge and experience guarantees training sessions that leave you feeling worked and eager to do it all over again. He goes above and beyond for each individual client’s needs and is dedicated to creating the optimal training environment. I would highly recommend Raw Fitness for Life!


  – Sarah Lund

I’ve learnt a lot about training from Dion, coming from a Martial Art background, I had a general idea of building muscles so I thought. But there’s a lot more to it for example: using the correct weight without causing any damage, using the correct form to reduce injuries, using the same amounts of reps but also pushing yourself to build more muscles. 

Dion has opened eyes to a new way of training I used to train 6 days a week for 2/3 hours, but now down to an hour or less with a days rest in between. 

The most important part of my experience is the nutrition part and the discipline. Dion has explained the importance and value of food and will help with any enquiries about the right food and the wrong food. 

He’s really professional we have our quick chats on the warm up then get straight into it. Very welcoming attitude, great atmosphere. Great one on one session will look after you and will push you to your limits, with great results. 

Beautiful gym, new equipment, keeps a clean gym, always has great music playing and you can put your own playlist. He always kept track of my progress and his really supportive and the results are amazing, has a great positive attitude!

He’s changed my way of training and eating, great experience!


  – Geoffroy Savourey

* Results may vary for each individual

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