I’m happy to provide a wide range of services. All under the one roof in a quiet, relaxed and private atmosphere.


One on One Sessions

Personal Trainer

No matter what your goals are, I will design a program that gets you there as quick as possible. The full hour that we get together will give us time to Train hard, learn training and safety techniques, and discuss my ideas on diet and any issues you might be having.



The core of all fitness & strength

Core Strength Training

Although I do use isolation exercises within a workout, I will base my training around teaching the fundamental compound movements which promote both joint and core stability. As your core strength increases, you can start to focus on specific areas of the body ensuring you’re getting the most out of every workout.



2-3 Participants

Group Training

I design group training to be fun and fast paced to ensure everyone gets the workout they are looking for. Whether that be calorie burning, muscle building or cardio capacity increasing.



Individually sourced world wide

Gym Equipment

All my equipment is state-of-the-art and has been designed closely with physiotherapists and exercise scientists to allow functional exercises. As a result, I am able to prescribe the safest and most effective exercises available which lead to the Best Results being achieved in the quickest possible time.



Optimal Training Environment

Crowded Gym

No more crowded gyms, competing with a bunch of meatheads for equipment. In my gym, you can have a totally private session or train with the partner(s) of your choice. Once you enter the zone you stay in the zone.

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Free Consultation

We can discuss your specific situation before starting any training. If you feel we could be a good fit, we can create a plan from there.

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Book a Session

Ready for a change? We offer flexible training times to suit your needs. No lock-in contracts, single sessions or savings on package deals.

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